Burger the Stag!

Traditionally Spain doesn’t have the strongest history of being known as a great burger destination. However, in the recent years, the burger trend is getting bigger and bigger, especially in Barcelona where specialized burgers restaurants have been popping up all around.

Greasy and big burger in Barcelona with french fried, bacon, pickles, big steak and mustard. Best hungover food in Barcelona

Classical hungover food, burgers are perfect if you guys have had a bit too much – or way too much – to drink the night before celebrating your mate’s last night of freedom. For one of those rough mornings that follow with hangover, the burger is a must hangover food, whether your favourite extra is egg, bacon, guacamole… Barcelona has it for you! This grease bomb will ease your suffering.

Of course, no doctor will advise to have a burger BUT it is proved you need salt and grease to help your liver eliminate the alcohol side effects but anyhow it definitely works! In Barcelona Stag Weekend, our calculation is simple – and also a good excuse to get all these carbs: salt + grease = burger so burger = hangover cure.

It covers the carbs and protein needed to clear your head and get back to a second night out in a row. Still asking yourself ¨where to go eat a burger in Barcelona?¨, hopefully we thought about you to help you to find the best ¨HAMBURGUESERIA¨ close by your stay.


Makamaka Beach Burger Café

When having a bachelor weekend in Barcelona, you will find all hot; either girls or burgers…especially burgers at Makamaka. These ultimate beach burgers will be so hard to handle with. The beach burger café is combination between tasty food, great people, good parties and cocktails since 2012. Makamaka, an intimate friend in the Hawaiian language, serves a range of different burgers, but one of them will be very special for the stag  - ¨Hot Mama¨ with the special italian smoked cheese and homemade spicy cream cheese sauce. Burger the stag, he deserves it!

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The smell from one of oldest gourmet hamburger chain in Barcelona will lead you to Ronda Universitat or Carrer Ferran (near Plaza Reial) or Barceloneta where the burgers can heal even the worst hangovers after crazy night outs. Their burgers are also known as the biggest ones in town. Here they have different menu options with the change of seasons. Beside the original house classics, you will surprise the stag with original San Jacobo of Iberian loin Serrano ham with manchego cheese in panko, Japanese bread crumbs. Most of the products are grown the nearby the town, still having its freshness and ¨local taste¨ if you are sober enough to feel it… A local institution!

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Hard Rock

Located in the very centre of Barcelona, in the historic Catalunya Square and on the Las Ramblas avenue, the restaurant is a mix of local ambiance with American dining style only in big cities around the world. Your stag crew will be definitely enjoying the large menu of burgers with loads of flavours to create truly fulfilling hangover treatment experience… While satisfying your hunger, you will also get the chance to watch the people from the terrace and soak up the energy of the town. Once in Barcelona, try out those legendary giant burgers by Hard Rock on a cheesy bachelor weekend.

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Peggy Sue´s

Another place to evoke the appetite for the greasy burgers, is probably Peggy Sue´s, offering high quality American burgers. The ¨historical¨ burgers from 1950s America might not be huge, but absolutely great in taste… a mash up of double fried patties, thick cut and sharp pickles, mustard, ketchup, American cheese and chopped lettuce. It's a hot dirty mess and the stags will love it. You should have really no excuse not to go.

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Negro Carbon

Frankly the best Argentinian burgers in Barcelona are at Negro Carbon. It´s also one of few places located in Barceloneta neighbourhood serving barbecued meat in premium quality. Located a few meters from Barceloneta subway station, Negro Carbon is a tiny place which also serves delicious mojitos. If not every member of your group is craving for a burger, they also serve empanadas or Argentinian steak… Negro Carbon has everything to fulfil your food desires!

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Pim Pam Burger

If you don’t want go far while staying in El born district, grab the fresh burgers from Pim Pam Burger. From classic to veggie, you will be spoilt for choices. The artesian fries certainly are a good accompany with burger masterpieces; you won't want to stop eating it… The place is pretty small so if you are a big group, it might be better to take away and eat it in Ciutadella’s Park, there is always something some people playing music around there!

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