Summer vibes in the heart of Barcelona...

Before you go to Barcelona on a stag-weekend, check out our latest blog articles and then head up to your favourite destination. As if you are planning the most unforgettable experience for your bachelor group, Barcelona is always a good choice for so called ¨party animals¨.


Barcelona is a dream city, even sun never wants to leave here! The town where the nights are for parties, the days for having siesta and chilling on the beach, the evenings for tapas, paella, and sangría in the cosy corner of the bar. Seems pretty quiet?! Let´s discover the steaky stag-weekends in Barcelona…

Party Boat

Once your bachelor crew arrives in Barcelona, the first thing you should do is to look out for the boat parties. The weather conditions are usually good for sailing; you should take a warm dip in the Mediterranean and sunbathe on the deck of the cruise. Take summer vibes more up, enjoy cold beer, have a heavy dose of sun… Plus, make some friends on board; everybody is crazy about knowing new people from all around the world while enjoying the refreshments, admiring the view, and sharing the travel experiences. To be honest, the chances get way higher to find a pretty lady friend in Barcelona and may the next bachelor party be yours.

Party Boat in Costa Brava, North of Barcelona. Enjoy the blue water and jump from the boat for a refreshing swim during the hot summer of Barcelona


Pool Parties

Another must do on a summer stag-do in Barcelona is a visit to the unbeatable pool parties - fairly unique style for summer parties. Not only you get to catch the best sunsets on the terraces, but you also get to enjoy the hottest DJs at the pre-parties. Here the likes being played by the most famous guest DJs will blow your mind out to the euphoria. As the pool parties are mostly held on the rooftop terraces, the words just fail to depict the city view over there, particularly recommended for sightseers. Relax the mind and soul, cheer up the spirit. The buzzing and elegant atmosphere is all around, girls standing up on the high heels and chic dress like the fashion show; the moment the men are seeing the paradise right on the Earth.

Guy jumping in a pool during a pool party. Fun and young people enjoying summer and the heat

Eat well!

Don´t be fooled into thinking the fun is already over! If you´re absolutely taken with a sun party, it´s exactly time to get the chance to taste the incredibly yummy Catalan-Spanish food. Never hurry up to have the dinner early, you´re in Spain and Spanish people are used to eat in the latest evening. The old city offers an array of bars and restaurants, offering anything imaginable to eat in your mind. Pincho is typical bread from Spanish Basque country with many different ingredients and special sauces on it, usually ordered along with the drink. Have always some space for Iberian jamon, it´s absolutely worthy to try at least a few kinds of that ham delicacy. Tapas are a wide range of appetizers, or snacks. You should know the special way how to order tapas, not so easy like eating each piece at once.  Patatas bravas is definitely made for potato-lovers, hot Spanish ¨fries¨. There is no hope for you to leave Barcelona without getting to know the soul of Valencian cuisine – paella, a rice dish with a variety of over hundreds, especially good with fresh seafood elements, seasonal vegetables, beans, meat from land animals. Don`t forget to ask for Sangria, national Spanish wine, with chopped fruit; a bit sweet and modest fruit taste, but still alcoholic.

Paella in Barcelona with seafood like mussles, shrimps but also rice, pees. Paella is a traditional food from the south of Spain


Do we need more alcohol?! Definitely YES! Let´s whistle at the bachelor guys and hang out in hidden gems of Barcelona. Spain has a long history of brewery, so we are in right place to study the history. The pub crawls are famous among stag groups, where you are supposed to have only lots of drinks and fun. Spanish beer and wine and cava never stay behind other national drinks, tried and trusted!

A group of stags cheering beers under a palm tree before going out


Once the belts are widen and tipsy mood is on… have a deep breathe, turn up in style, and be prepared to rock until the sun comes up! Steamy night parties on the beach clubs where you can party all the night away… Here you are able to experience the world famous clubs, even kilometres far from Ibiza Island, still feeling the same scent of Ibiza style. The clubs on the beach are so grand, however, they can manage to pack all the rooms out, that´s why don´t lose friends in the wild crowd (but your mind, yes, lose it). When it comes to the plays, you can find any type of music by national and international DJs at different clubs, interestingly sometimes at the same club, but in different rooms. The vibes are completely modern, ideal for dance music lovers.  If you are eager for more social and non-pretentious atmosphere, you´d definitely have a number of clubs` list in hand. Regarding the dress code, it strictly differs depending which club you are about tonight. The dress code is smart and elegant at most times, however, you can enjoy your night wearing the casual on at some spots.


All in all, Barcelona will always be an ideal destination for your bachelor party where everybody believes in that you might absolutely have a Barcelona stag experience for the hardest memories. Grab the chance to be part of a Barcelona journey to remember…