Sun, beach and hedonism Barcelona beach activities

Barcelona Beach Activities... Few cities may offer the ability to go directly from a vibrant city center into a vast sandy beach. Barcelona has this ability to switch from museum visits to windsurf in just ten minutes. The city has several beaches, but there are also some gems just outside Barcelona. Here you will find a selection of beautiful places for swimming, sunbathing and playing.

Barcelona and the sea

1992 Summer Olympics transformed Barcelona in many ways. Among other things, there was a transformation from heavily industrialized port coast up to the glamorous, tourist-friendly beaches. Before that it was difficult to reach the Mediterranean sea from the city, however today the situation is different. Now, a 4.2-kilometer stretch of coastline in the city where visitors and residents can walk, riding the bike or enjoy the sun on the golden sands. The beaches are about 10 minutes' walk from Barcelona's city center.

Partying on the beach

If you want a good spot – go out early in the morning. Look out for the flags on the lifeguard tower. Green means that the situation is good, yellow - you should be cautious in the water. Red means you should not go swimming.

Here you will find the beaches

Barceloneta Beach is one of the most popular beaches due to its location. There are a lot of cafes where you can enjoy refreshing drinks.

Platja Sant Sebastià in the southern part of the city is somewhat calmer than Platja Barceloneta. The beach is equipped for disabled visitors.

Nova Icaria is a popular beach with various games and a sailing school where you can take a lesson.

Platja Mar Bella was created in 1992 and it is a good option if you have children. The beach has a stylish playground. In the park there is a skateboard area.

Are you willing to travel a bit in order to enjoy Sitges and its unique beaches? If yes - 40 minutes away by train and you are there. The weather is often little better than in Barcelona.

A little closer to the city is Montgat Nord beach, a popular one for surfing.

A 45-minute train ride away is Caldes d'Estrac, also known Caldetes - a city which has spa center and a long, peaceful beach.