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‘Wine & Dine’ Barcelona Stag Style


We’ve all been there. Your best mates together on an epic stag weekend. Check. Awesome holiday destination. Check. But when it comes to dinner time, absolutely no idea where to go. Unfortunately, yes. Check check check!


We have all ended up in tasteless tourist traps on group holidays. It is just so darn difficult to know where the best restaurants are when you’re in a new city for just a few days. You need the inside knowledge. The local know-how that can organize the top Barcelona restaurants for your stag groups. That’s where we come in.

We really know our Barcelona restaurants and consider ourselves the gastronomic experts for group dinners. Save yourself the headache and hand it all over to us. We promise you top-notch Barcelona dining experiences. The best restaurants, not just suitable for, but actually geared up for group dinners. So your stag party can be comfortable in the knowledge that as a large group, your needs will be completely catered for and you’ll be made to feel wonderfully welcome.


Barcelona - Top Gastronomic Destination

So why is wining and dining in Barcelona such an important part of any stag holiday? Because Barcelona isn’t just any old place to have your bachelor do. Oh no. It’s been voted, time after time, one of the top gastronomic destinations, not just in Europe, but in the World. Barcelona is known, in all corners of the globe, to offer some of the most mouth-wateringly delicious cuisine and culinary inventiveness. It continues to lead the way with its growing number of michelin-star restaurants that delight, inspire and and satisfy even the hardest-to-please foodies.

With that in mind we take our Barcelona stag group dinner selection very seriously. We want our bachelor groups to enjoy the best that Barcelona has to offer. We have options for every budget, big or small, and we love nothing more than planning a top night of wining and dining for your stag party.


So What Do You Fancy?

To get your stag group salivating before you’ve even arrived let us reveal a little about the restaurants we have hand-picked to ensure there is something for every stag party preference. Barcelona Stag Weekend has personally visited and eaten in all the restaurants we recommend to our bachelor groups. All tried and tested with a big thumbs up. Only the best for our bachelor groups.


Traditional Spanish Cuisine

Our stags travel far and wide to Barcelona to sample the best the Mediterranean has to offer. So our stag group roster of top traditional Spanish restaurants guarantee there is something for every stag group.

The Barcelona restaurants that have made it onto our list are those that build their restaurants around quality products, strong preparation and have built up a solid local reputation. We look for energetic, atmospheric places for our bachelor groups. Places that have a bit of a buzz about them, so that our stag parties are assured a fun night in great surroundings.

There’s a lot to be said for tradition when it comes to Spanish cuisine, but we are always on the look out for Barcelona restaurants with a little twist. So most of the local cuisine that we offer has a modern or unique take on traditional classics. We like our stags to experience local cuisine but with that extra special something added into the mix.


It’s All in the Setting

Your bachelor groups deserve not just the best cuisine, but also the best setting for your evening meal. Our Barcelona restaurants offer a selection of different settings for you to choose from to create your perfect bachelor dinner. Whether you want to be looking out over the glistening Mediterranean sea, a beautiful, historical square or elevated almost 100 meters over the city, we have it all.

Barcelona is such a diverse city and we reflect that in the variety of restaurants that we offer for our bachelor dinners. If you want modern, trendy and lavish, consider it done. Maybe you want a more traditional dinner, with your own private dining area, no problem. Perhaps you want to be entertained whilst you dine, well in that case you’ve come to the right place. Whatever you’re looking for, wherever you’re looking, we have something to keep your bachelor group happy and ensure your stag party dinner is a roaring success.


Sufficiently Salivating?

Good. Us too. We love nothing more than happy stags, in fact, us organizing your bachelor dinner is purely for the love of it. 

Don’t leave your bachelor dinner to chance, hand it over to the experts. We really do have something for every bachelor dinner preference, size and budget so contact our team today to start discussing your stag dinner party: info@barcelonatours.net or 0034 935 008 226

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