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Barcelona Bike Tour

So much to see, so little time. It’s always the same when you visit a new city for the first time. How to cram all the sights into one weekend whilst ensuring you don’t burn yourself out. Well, why don’t you try touring the sights of Barcelona from a totally different perspective. From the saddle of a bicycle?

Our Barcelona bike tours are a fantastic way for your stag group to take in the sights of Barcelona, whilst enjoying a little light exercise under the warm Spanish sun.


Barcelona Stag Bike Tour

Forget sitting on the top of a tourist bus for hours on end and feel the breeze in your hair as you whiz around the streets taking in the fabulous monuments and historical magnificence of Barcelona.

This unforgettable bike tour is a unique and entertaining way for your bachelor party to see Barcelona. Our English speaking guide will expertly navigate your group around the major sights of the city whilst you get to know about the incredible history of Barcelona. This gorgeous journey through the stunning streets of Barcelona is a really relaxed stag group activity. It offers a completely unique perspective of the city and will leave your bachelor party feeling both rejuvenated and feeling satisfied with their afternoon or morning of exploration.


The Bike Tour

The bike tour takes around 3-4 hours and as it’s a pretty flat city the tour is a breeze. Barcelona Stag Weekend will organize the tour for your bachelor group at a time that works best for you and fits in conveniently with your other plans. Barcelona is a really safe city with lots of handy bike lanes so all levels of cyclists is welcome on our stag bike tour. Our guide will also make sure you take the tour at a pace which suits you and your fellow Barcelona stags.

If your bachelor party is feeling particularly chilled-out then you can also opt to do the tour with an electric bike. Put your feet up and let your bike do all the work. This option is ideal for stags who might be feeling a little ropey after the night before. But who still want to see a bit of Barcelona, but just without any of the effort.


The Route

This gorgeous journey through the stunning city of Barcelona will ensure that you cover all the main sights whilst also allowing you to discover some of hidden gems along the way too. Here are some of the main sights the stag bike tour will take you to:


The Port of Barcelona

Your Barcelona tour will start in the vibrant area of The Port of Barcelona. No stranger to cyclists, this area is a great place to start your bachelor bike tour as the cycle lanes are really well laid out to ensure you can spend the first section of your tour getting used to your bike and getting comfortable.


Sagrada Familia

You can’t fail but be impressed as you take in the heady heights of this incredible church from the World famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. This is by far the most talked about building in Spain. The construction began in 1882 and is predicted to be completed in 2026. As this church towers over Barcelona’s skyline, your stag group can’t fail to miss this epic piece of gothic architecture.

Arc de Triomf

Leaving Sagrada Familia and cycling down the beautiful wide street of Passeig San Joan, you will come to the stunning ‘Arc de Triomf’. This majestic monument was built as the gateway to the beautiful ‘Parc de Ciutadella’, which will be your next stop.


Ciutadella Park

Parc de Ciutadella is considered the communal garden for all Barcelona inhabitants. And what a garden it is. Green, lush, and totally idyllic it invites all into its beautiful oasis to relax, walk and of course, cycle. Within the grounds are several attractions and interesting monuments which your tour guide will take you around.


Gothic Quarter

A labyrinth of twisting and turning cobbled streets, the gothic quarter of Barcelona is a totally unique experience for any stag group. The charming history of the Gothic quarter brings people from all corners of the world and what better way to discover the endless streets than from the seat of a bicycle.


Barcelona Beaches

Your tour guide then take you back through the port where you began and through to the beaches of Barcelona. The perfect place to end your tour, slowly taking in the Mediterranean sea, from the long bicycle lane stretches of beach front. Then when your bike tour is all done, you’re in the ideal place to stretch out those legs on the beach, in the sea, or in one of the many fantastic beach bars. Oh, we think you might have worked hard enough for that cold beer by that point.


This wonderfully relaxed bike tour really is the best way to see Barcelona and is a fantastic way to pass a few hours with your bachelor group discovering the charms of our beloved Barcelona.

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