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Adults: 10-30


  • Balls, bubbles and bibs
  • The venue / pitch
  • Goals and a referee / games organiser
  • 60 minutes of bubble football

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Bubble football is held in Barcelona, easily reached by public transport or taxi

Please note : the advertised price is based on 15 people

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  • 37 €
  • Per Person

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What could be better during your Stag Weekend in Barcelona, a game of football without those painful tackles? With Bubble Football, you get knocked down, you bounce straight back up.

Apparently two Norwegian guys thought that football would be more fun if the players were in transparent bubbles. We think they are right; it's loads of fun, both to play and to watch.

The rules of the game are much the same as normal football, apart from the fact you are all in plastic bubble suits, which cover you from head to knees. Just wait and see how this changes the way the game is played.

Bubble football is now available in Barcelona, and in our opinion, it's the perfect addition to any Stag Weekend. Bubble football is guaranteed to deliver some big belly laughs, friendly competition and break the ice between those who might not know each other very well. Don't miss the chance to enjoy this hilarious activity with your pals.

Held in Barcelona the activity can be easily reached by public transport or taxi.

Contact us now to check availability during your Stag Weekend in Barcelona.

Minimum number of participants recommended for the game is 8.

Contact us now to check availability info@barcelonatours.net or 0034 935 008 226

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