Experience Barcelona stag party

Make your last night as a single man one to remember with a salsa dancing and sangria at dawn affair. Barcelona is a great city to host your stag party. From the freshly caught calamari, steaming seafood paella and tapas bars everywhere you look - your Barcelona stag party will certainly be one you will never forget.

Make it a late one
Barcelona is a city for night owls, which also makes it a great location for staying out until the early hours of the morning. You can expect restaurants to open around 8pm for dinner, while most bars stay open until 2am or 3am and nightclubs til 5am or 6am - you can get ready, have dinner and then set out for a big night of clubbing or hitting up the local bars.

Go on a bar crawl
Barcelona is teaming with a vibrant music scene and trendy bars - why not see how many you can hit up in a night?

Order fruity beverages
There is nothing feminine about a refreshing jug of sangria. Why not try a drink that has been lit on fire? The bars in Barcelona boast a wide range of delicious cocktails and alcoholic concoctions, catering to any palate.