Barcelona Best Beaches

Beaches in barcelona from an upper view. From la Barceloneta to Nova Icaria, Barcelona offers many beaches

Everyone to the Beach!

With temperatures suddenly having rocketed throughout Europe there’s really only one thing on our mind.... getting to the beach. So with Barcelona boasting just under 5kms of city beaches there’s no wonder it’s the destination of choice for those looking for the ultimate beach get-away.

But with so much coastline there is a real variety of beaches rendering it difficult to know which one will be the best for you. So here is a rundown of the main beaches that Barcelona has to offer so you know what you’re looking for.


First up is Barcelonetta, the busiest and arguably most popular beach with tourists for its convenient location. As you come down from the old town and through the marina this is the beach that most stumble across and decide to set up shop for the day. 

Depending on your preference the beach is divided into two areas; nudist and non-nudist. The area closest to the infamous W hotel is a nudist’s paradise where you can de-robe and fill in your ‘white bits’ with the best of them. A little further up around the ‘leaning monument’ sculpture is where you’ll find most of the action. Many flock here for its youthful energy and party chiringuitos (beach bars) but if you’re looking for a little more peace and serenity this is not the beach for you.

Metro: L4- ‘Barceloneta’

Nova Icaria

Next up is the smaller Nova Icaria beach and is much calmer and more peaceful. It is popular with families and groups of friends and is located close to the port Olympic. It has a great range of restaurants and bars and has one of the best ranges of sports facilities of all the cities beaches. Because of its chilled-out reputation people generally tend to stay on this beach the longest, relaxing into the early evening with a sun-downer or two from one of the local beach bars.

Metro: L4- ‘Ciutadella- Vila Olimpica’ or ‘Bogatell’


Just a touch north and one up from Nova Icaria beach is the popular Bogatell beach. As Bogatell is nearly twice the size of Icaria there is much more space and as it is less modernised than the other two beaches there are much more locals here. It is also considered the safest city beach for its lifeguards, red cross building, information point and other family oriented facilities. The average age of people that frequent this beach is also older (late 30’s) and there is even an enormous climbing frame and a ping-pong table to keep the kids happy.

Metro: Line 4 ‘Poblenou’ or ‘Llacuna’

Mar Bella

Last but by no means least is the extensive Mar Bella beach. The largest and furthest north, Mar Bella is the place to go to avoid the crowds. It has an area for naturists and is also a favorite with sports lovers for its wide range of water and general sports facilities. The music from the beach bars is quieter and more relaxed so the vibe is peaceful and chilled for those looking for tranquility.

It is also the most popular beach for women in the area. With women totaling over 60% of its overall visitors. Although this beach is a little further out than the others we definitely recommend making the journey if you just want to relax with friends or just with a good book. 

Metro: Line 4 ‘Poblenou’ or ‘Selva de Mar’