Barcelona Yachting Adventure

Walking around Barcelona is very pleasant as well as cycling, driving and travelling by bus, but sailing is twice pleasant there. Barcelona yacht charter won't cost you too much, water is clean, cool and clear, views of the city are beautiful, and so, it is probably the most pleasant way to get acquainted with hot and sunny Barcelona.

We propose you to take a Barcelona yacht charter and talk about one of the oldest port's history watching the Mediterranean sunset and drinking delicious champaign. Lookat Barcelona from the sea side: its fairy port view, beautiful landscapes, and deep water of the Mediterranean.

We were luck to live almost all the summer on the yacht and we can definitely say that Barcelona port is another city, another world. Its every inhabitant has his / her own story but all of them live like one big family. Our friend and captain, named Michael, is a big sailor. He was a good trader but eight years ago he changed reputation of business shark for that one of old sea dog. All year round he lives on his yacht and doesn't like to visit the city and we have to go to the port to visit him.