Barcelona Outdoor Activities - Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona

Barcelona Outdoor Activities is something you will certainly enjoy during your visit to Barcelona. Let us tell you about one of these activities. About a half hour drive north from Barcelona there is a special place where Spanish Grand Prix in Formula 1 is carried out on regular basis. The name of this place is Circuit de Catalunya. The exact location - Montmeló, 20 km north-east of Barcelona.

You can take the train from Barcelona Sants station in Barcelona city center and go to Montmeló station from where you will be able to take bus directly to the track. Formula 1 race took place at the Circuit de Catalunya in Montmeló every spring since the very start of its existance in 1991. Before then, the Formula 1 races organized on different tracks in Spain since 1913. The Circuit de Catalunya has long straight track parts as well as complicated corners.

During a race drivers have to go 66 laps on the track. The whole race is a little more than 307 km long. The Circuit de Catalunya offers guided tours for tourists in Catalunya certain days of the week. During these tours visitors will see how the races are organized and managed, where the mechanics are etc. Entrance fee is 10 Euro for adults and 5 Euro for 5-14 year olds.