About Us

Barcelona Stag Weekend is a specialist travel agency that has extensive knowledge of the city.  We will do our utmost to ensure your stag party has a truly unforgettable Barcelona experience. Whether you are looking to organise day activities, evening activities, accommodation or the entire package, contact us today and ask for a quote; we are the Barcelona experts.

What do we do?

We ONLY organise events in Barcelona! We don’t get dragged down or mixed up in organising trips to other cities because as far as we are concerned Barcelona is the best!

We advise, investigate and basically get you what you want, taking all the hassle out of the organising for you! Where are we? Right where everything happens – Barcelona itself!

We live here, we speak the lingo, we know the places, the people, and generally love Barcelona. And we want to share it with you!

Why Choose Barcelona Tours?

It’s often complicated and tiring organising a stag party at the best of times, but organising it in another country, that perhaps you have never even visited before can be daunting! That’s where we come in.

With our expert local knowledge and professional experience we understand how to provide what our customers really want to get out of their stay.

Our Clients

With over seven years experience we have organised amazing stag weekends for hundreds of groups and anyone who wants to really make the most of their stay in Barcelona, to avoid the tourist traps and tacky souvenirs, and get a great, value for money, unforgettable experience!

What We Offer

We can tailor make your whole trip to Barcelona or you can just pick and choose the actvities you would like us to provide. We offer a wide range of accommodation, from budget options to pure luxury, all at an affordable price tag.

We offer daytime activities to suit every taste and budget, and a great choice of evening activities to make sure you have all the ingredients to help you get exactly what you want out of your Barcelona Stag Weekend! Everything is hand-picked by ourselves to ensure top quality and great value.

What we don't offer

Do you want to do something in Barcelona that doesn’t appear on our website? Just give us a ring or drop us a line and we will do the research for you.

If it can be done in Barcelona, we can help make it happen! Contact us for your quote today!


Barcelona stag weekend FAQ

1. What is the minimum group size that you work with?

For the activities and entertainments, we generally say a minimum group of 10 unless otherwise specified. We can arrange for smaller groups, but the prices might increase a little.

2. What happens if our group arrives and leaves Barcelona airport at different times?

If the two flights are within an hour of each other, the first group could wait for the second one and go together to the hotel. If the time difference is too big, the first group can already go to the hotel and wait there for the other group.

3. We´ve heard about doing several things in Barcelona and Catalunya but you don´t offer it on your website.

If they are available in Barcelona or Catalunya, we will look into it and get back to you. However, somethings are simply not available here. We cannot offer certain activities if they don´t exist in Barcelona or are not part of the Spanish culture

4. We don´t need any accommodation, we just want to join some of the activities?

No problem, you are not obliged to book your accommodation with us for being able to join our activities. Any combination is possible - just book what you want.

5. Why is it necessary to go by transport to some of the activities?

Some activities are not in the city centre so you need to get there somehow. We organise private transport and there is also public transport. Using the metro system will get you to most activities.

One metro ride is only 1.10 €.

6. How many airports are there in Barcelona?

There are now two airports that go under the Barcelona tag. One is simply "Barcelona" and is about 14 km south-west from the city centre.

The other, "Barcelona-Girona" is about an hour and a half away.

7. How can we go from the airport to the city centre?

From Barcelona a taxi costs around 30 € Buses and trains (3-4 euros single) run between the airport and Plaza Catalunya every 12 minutes. From "Girona" a special bus costs 21 euros return.

8. Why are flights not included in the tour prices?

It might cost you less money to book when you book the flight directly at the airline due to direct booking systems. Thus, the airlines don´t have to pay us as a middle man to book your flights.

10. Is it possible just to book a normal weekend with you?

Yes, it is. E-mail us with all your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible